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Teacher Volunteer with pARTners Jackson Hole: Inspiring a creative passion for arts through K-12 education.

Photo by Elena Seibert

As a mom and as a teacher of young children, I’ve seen a child’s play props be a stick, a few seashells, or a simple blanket. But to a child whose imagination is allowed to run free, the stick might be a magical flying dragon or a gallant galloping horse. Two seashells: a loving mommy and her little baby. And a simple blankie? Well, that could be ANYTHING.

When my daughters were little, their blankies were anything, and everything: a royal queen’s veil, a tea party cloth, beautiful butterfly wings… But at the end of the day, their blankies were their most beloved thing. To curl up beneath their heads.To snuggle into bed with. And perhaps in their dreams to sail with, high up to the moon.

Baby-dolls and toy strollers also often captivated my daughters, and as I continue to work with and observe children, these play things remain timeless and universal. Children revel in the pretend play of caring for a baby-doll and like a blankie or a beloved toy, use their dolls to foster wonderful, imaginative play.

My hope and wish is that BABY-BOO, I LOVE YOU and I LOVE YOU, BLANKIE will bring to its listeners and readers, big and small, warm feelings of joy, love and adventure.

Sheryl resides in Wilson, Wyoming

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