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What People Are Saying
Kirkus Review
Both young listeners and caregivers will relish this ode to their own favorite Baby-Boos.
Kirkus Review
…a charmer to share with the very youngest audiences at quiet, one-on-one lap times and before bed; it's also a lovely paean to the caregiver-child bond.
Kirkus Review
The simple, very reassuring story is told in lilting rhymes that scan well.
Project SunshineSally Cook
Thank you all SO much for the incredible Book Club this morning at St. Mary’s. It was truly one of the most special programs we have had – the kids were so happy and engaged. The feedback we got from the hospital staff was incredible and we can’t thank you ...
Highly recommended for daycares, kindergartens, and pre-school classes when naptime rolls around.
This book is perfect for lap time before nap time or wind down before bed time.
ResidentScottsdale, AZ
Many (most) of the residents in our community are grandparents over and over and first time. Your book is now our 'de rigueur' gift to our friends.
Ms. Haft uses short, sweet, age-appropriate prose to encourage very young children to cherish adventure and imagination...
I see this storybook being a favorite for a long long time.
There is something irresistible – and irreplaceable – about a good old fashioned “blankie,” and readers can feel it in author Sheryl Haft’s latest board book called I Love You, Blankie.