Meet Mazie

Whenever Mazie encounters a problem, she turns on her imagination, draws, and builds—think blink, ribble scribble, bing bang boom. “Engineering to the rescue!” Mom needs to move heavy boxes? No problem. Mazie invents a Roly-Ramp. Dad has to lift something up high? Mazie builds a Pulley-Lifter! You can always count on Mazie to invent a machine that will make life easier—although her brother Jake isn’t too thrilled with her Waker-Upper Rocket Machine. But no worries. Engineering is so cool that before long, he can’t help but get into the invention action too!

Featuring dynamic, detailed illustrations and lively read-aloud text, Mazie’s Amazing Machines provides a great introduction to simple machines, celebrates creative out-of-the-box thinking, and is sure to inspire budding engineers.

Publishing September 2023